№ 01-06 Л/377, 05.07.2012




Dear Ambassador Aydin Adnan Sezgin,

We are writing to you to express our concern over the detention of the President of KESK, Lami Ozgen, as well as Osman ls?i, member of KESK but also Euro-Mediterranean Human rights network executive member and Human Rights association's (IHD) former expert. The first have been released and the later still being jailed.
We would like to protest over the nine women trade unionists who were taken into custody on the morning of 13 February 2012 and as far as we are aware they have not been released. The Health Workers Union of the Russian Federation demands the immediate release of KESK members and leaders who have been detained for more than two months without any legal basis.
This new wave of arrests, officially justified by the anti-terror fight, represents another threat towards Turkish citizens' fundamental freedoms. Along with journalists, lawyers, law makers, academicians, students, trade unionists represent one of the major victims of the present Turkish anti terror-law, which is increasing censorship as well as auto censorship in the matter of freedom of speech, freedom of press and labor rights. Below you will find list of the trade unionists still in jail without any real reason. We would like also to express our concern for the situation of Ismet Arslan, who is in jail while having a skin cancer; we consider that the minimum human standards are not being respected by the Turkish republic.
The Health Workers Union of the Russian Federation strongly condemns the violation of human and trade union rights. We will continue to defend the rights to freedom of association and expression and other fundamental human rights. For this reason, we demand the immediate release of the KESK members who remain in prison and the dropping of all charges against the 15 women who were arrested on 13 February and the arrested trade unionists on June 25th. Finally, we demand the release of the 73 people still arrested.

Yours truly,

Mikhail Androchnikov
Vice-President of the Health Worker Union of the Russian Federation


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